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This is my first post in a little over two years. I hadn't posted on my journals much in general. Once in a great while I would make an icon, but I never really had enough to post. I started poking around a bit more over my Christmas break at the end of last year and started to work on icons again. I just always found it kind of relaxing to listen to music and mess around with icons, so I decided to give it a try again. I've got a few batches going for different fandoms, but this first post is a stock post. I made a batch of Valentine's Day icons a couple of years ago and never posted them, so I thought I'd share them now along with some newer ones I made this year.

26 Valentine's Day Stock Icons


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This would be my first entry here at my graphics comm on Dreamwidth. I'd been posting over on LiveJournal for a while and thought it would be nice to share over here too. Since it is the holidays, I've brought you some Christmas stock icons and banners. As always, let me know if something looks off (I've been worried my coloring lately...I feel very rusty). ...And this post may have come earlier if the internet had not decided to just go out in my area.

22 Christmas Stock Icons
8 Christmas Stock Banners


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Welcome to [community profile] chaoticxmuse, the graphics journal of [personal profile] street_symphony. Here you'll find graphics from several different fandoms. I keep everything in my tags list up to date, so you'll find it if I have it. As a general rule, comments and credit are very much appreciated but not necessary. I hope you enjoy!

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